Chris Johnson, Sedona REALTOR®

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Chris Johnson was born and raised in southern Virginia and grew up helping his grandparents manage their commercial real estate properties. He fondly remembers serving as an honorary "landlord" under their care. He thrived on the intricacies of creating professional relationships with clients and investing in his family's legacy and was privy to be a regular witness to professional excellence in action. In the deep south, homes are not mere structures but are personal extensions of someone's innermost self. Chris's work has been deeply influenced by this distinctive approach to homemaking and property management and he seeks to instill vitality and meaning into every project he invests in.

After his grandfather passed away in 2013, Chris left his grandparents' properties in the ministration of his extended relatives and followed his grandfather's advice to explore the world and share his talents with others. He moved to Colorado for just over a year where he assisted with the relocation and rejuvenation of the local wolf population and spent his free time creating community gardens in the nearby cities. He and his wife visited Sedona, Arizona in 2015 at the invitation of local friends and they subsequently bought a house within the month! Sedona instantly felt like home, and he quickly established roots in red rock country via his work in sales and his many book clubs. 

Chris has a background in business leadership, finance, sales, and entrepreneurship. He believes that kindness and integrity will take you as far as professional acuity and strives to cultivate those inner values within the teams he leads. He has 5+ years of interior decorating experience and has designed and built furniture for many local businesses. 

When he is not helping his clients create their ideal spaces or welcoming visitors to beautiful properties in Sedona, Chris can be found with his nose stuck in a good book or immersing himself in the beauty of the American southwest. He, his wife, and their teacup chihuahua, Bronte, love to hike, attend geek conventions, and travel the world with their friends. Chris has served as a local guide, spearheaded multiple environmental clean-up projects, and funded long-distance grassroots programs that create affordable housing back in his hometown. 

"It is an honor for me to serve the Verde Valley community and to allow my passions and experiences to facilitate my clients' dreams. I will be thrilled to assist you with your real estate journey and to provide superior communication and professionally tailored insights into how we can transition your vision from a dream into reality."

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